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This is the introduction video to my video tutorial series on the design of power converter circuits. Later episodes will be focused on specific topologies of Switched Mode Power Supplies. This is the first of two videos that are dedicated to provide a general overview over all kinds of voltageconverter circuits. Part 1 deals with AC to AC and AC to DC converters.

Part 2 of my tutorial series on SMPS and Power Conversion:
Non switching DC to DC converters: Voltage Dividers, Zener Diodes, Voltage References and Linear Regulators.

This is part 3 of my tutorial series about SMPS. In this video I derive the idea of switching converters from the disadvantages of the linear regulator. Based on that idea I explain 2 switching converter topologies: 
1.) The Charge Pump (Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter) 
2.) The Buck Converter

This is part 4 of my video tutorial series about Switched Mode Power Supplies. This part deals with the idea behind the Boost Converter. The video also explains the principle of car ignition systems. 
As I will explain in the video about flyback converters, the ignition system is based on the idea of a "flyback voltage". This flyback voltage can be multiplied by using a secondary winding with a bigger number of turns. That secondary winding makes teh ignition system technically a "flyback converter". But since the boost converter and the flyback converter are based on the same idea, the example is well suited for the boost converter too.

In Part 5 I deal with some basics about magnetism and inductive components. Oertsted's Experiment, Magnetic Circuits, Ferrite Cores and more.

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