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STM32CubeMX and STM32Cube HAL basics

PWM STM32 DMA CubeMX HAL 共58课时 7小时58分4秒

This MOOC is targeting anyone who starts working on STM32 by introducing STM32 ecosystem.  You need some knowledge in C programming, and a NUCLEO-F401RE board for the hands-on.

Welcome to STM32Cube basics training! 
In this course we want to present you how to work with STM32 ecosystem. The course is focused on explanation of STM32CubeMX tool, how to handle basic tasks and use tool for basic project creation.
The course is structured in two parts. The first part is related to STM32CubeMX and MCU configuration:
- STM32 selection
- Pin-out configuration
- Clock configuration
- Peripheral configuration
- Power calculator
- Project generation settings

 The second part is related to STM32Cube HAL library which is used for developing your application:
- HAL library structure
- Handles and callbacks
- Interrupts
- Basic HAL usage

All these points are developed in presentation and hands-on.

What are the requirements?
You need some knowledge of C programming language and a NUCLEO-F401RE board for the hands-on (please refer to your local ST distributor for an offer).

What am I going to get from this course?
Understand STM32CubeMX tool, and be able to work with STM32Cube HAL library and navigate in its structure

What is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to start developing on STM32 MCUs and never worked with STM32CubeMX and the HAL library. Or for someone who worked with previous standard peripheral library on ST products and wants to understand the STM32Cube ecosystem.


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