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designing electrical systems vol 1

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James Stallcup, Sr. has reinvented Designing Electrical Systems that catapulted him to the forefront of the electrical industry as a prominent author,  effective instructor, and respected authority on the application of the National Electrical Code®.

Everyone from engineers, electrical contractors, inspectors, electricians, and instructors of the Code have anticipated the arrival of this book.  The large workbook format allows a masterful blending of valuable Design Tips, NEC Loops, Examples, Quick Calcs,  and effective illustrations with authoritative Code references. Because of the abundant amount of detailed information included, it is the most comprehensive design book of its kind.    

Stallcup’s® Designing Electrical Systems explains the purpose of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and more particularly, its use as it applies to the design and installation of electrical wiring systems and equipment.

While the substance of design is found in the National Electrical Code, the art of the design is found in the applicability of that same National Electrical Code. With the advancement of today’s technology and ever-increasing liabilities, effective electrical design must now, more than ever, consider the use of certified products, energy conservation, economy vs. quality, anticipated load growth, local codes, special applications of electrical equipment, and the use and interpretation of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards that relate to special areas, etc. For better understanding and interpretation of these advancements, considerable effort has been made by the author to condense the more complicated rules pertaining to the design, installation, and selection of wiring methods and equipment.

For the convenience of the reader, Designing Electrical Systems not only contains discussions and explanations of Code rules, but also includes detailed illustrations and sample calculations that will help tremendously in understanding and becoming proficient in the application of the National Electrical Code. Designing Electrical Systems also points out common industry problems and shows in detail the proper procedures and techniques to use in order to ensure proper code compliance. Design Tips, Calculation Tips, and guidelines for "rule of thumb" methods for instances where a fast and approximate design answer is needed are also provided. 

In order for the reader to measure his or her design skills or to prepare for a maintenance, journeyman or master electrician examination or for inspector certification, an ample number of quizzes, tests, and final examinations have been included.

With the wealth of information found in this book, it will make a valuable addition to the library of any consultant, serve as an excellent reference to the seasoned professional, and also provide valuable introductory material to the beginner.



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