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Analysis and Design of a Flyback(反激电源设计与分析)

Flyback 反激电源 反激式电源 共22课时 12小时31分5秒

Analysis and Design of a Flyback

1.How to Analyze and Model a Flyback Converter

2.How to Model and Simulate a Flyback Converter

3.How to Model the Transformer

4.How to Model the Transformer and Simulate it

5.How to Account for Efficiency and Duty Cyle

6.How to wind and characterize a transformer

7.Testing the Transformer

8.How to Measure and Set the Control Loop

9.Input Filter Design

10.Differential Mode Noise

11.Common Mode Noise

12.Input Filter


14.How to model a PWM

15.How to use the PWM

16.Use a current transformer

17.Leakage inductance

18.Transformer Design A

19.Tranformer Design B

20.Transformer design C

21.How to select the output capacitance to meet ripple

22.The TL431 shunt regulator

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