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Introduction to Computer Vision

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Aaron Bobick

After 16 years at Gerogia Tech, on July 1, 2015, I became Dean of the School Engineering & Applied Science at Washington Univeristy in St. Louis.
My email is afb (at) wustl.edu
For an overview of my research projects, past and present, go to my research page (which is frozen in time around Jan 2015).   It will contains pointers  to selected publications and demos.  A moderately  complete list of publications is here.


As of Fall, 2011 I had  taken over the Introduction to Computer Vision course CS4495.  This course is designed for senior undergraduates as well as graduate students who have had no prior experience with Computer Vision.  The web sites are listed under my main page so with a little luck they stay for quite a while.  One of the more recent version was done in Fall, 2014.

More ineterstingly (perhaps) I created a Udacity version of this class.  This Udacity link might work but you can search for "Computer Vision" "Udacity" Georgia Tech" and you should find it.  Prof. Irfan Essa has taken over running the on-line version of the class.
Prospective Students
Sorry - not taking students anymore.  Unless you're at WashU and somehow can convince me that you will succeed even with Dean as an advisor.
Contact Information
Contact info including various addresses and phones etc.

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